Every single phone advertised by us need to complete and pass a stringent 30+ point inspection.
Each phone before test gets unique number to help tracking. This number is associated with IMEI number and date of sale/purchase. 
Every phone we sell comes with genuine charging cable and plug.
We also give 90 days warranty for all phones we sell.
Also we offer discounted prices for after or out of warranty repairs.
Every add or phone on our website use original unique photos corresponding to each device. This give you this little touch to get phone you seen in detail before purchase.
  • Grade A - like new 

These handsets are like new. In fact, some handsets are new but we cannot sell them as new. They are rated 9.5/10. The handsets range between 0 and 12 months old. They resemble new iPhone's without any marks or scratches.

  • Grade B - excellent 

These handsets will be in excellent cosmetic condition showing very little signs of use. They are rated 9/10. The handsets range between 2 and 12 months old. Some handsets may have some very fine/minor marks. The handset would have to be studied very carefully up close to identify any marks. Our Grade B stock is excellent.You will not be disappointed with our Grade B stock.

  • Grade C - good

These handsets will be in good. They are rated 7.5/10. Devices will show signs of average daily use which may include minor marks, scratches or chips.