iPhone 6/6s Shining Book Cover


Color: Blue
Sale price€12,00


The original Shining Book holster finished with brocade, glossy material. Provides advanced protection against damage. Equipped with the pockets for storing documents.

The case was made of a high quality material that glitters in the daylight. The stitching on the edges reinforces the holster and makes it more stylish.

Small pockets inside the holster can be used to keep necessary documents.

Soft material inside the case provides protection for the delicate screen of the smartphone, and also protects it from minor damage.

The product provides advanced protection against damages and reduces the risk of scratches.

Can be folded up to the horizontal version - extremely useful when watching movies or browsing the internet.

The case has all the necessary system cutouts, so it provides easy access to the buttons and system inputs, and does not hinder the work with the phone.

Unique design makes the product an interesting addition for your smartphone.

The glitter, which is a part of the design, does not spill, thanks to which the holster wears slowly and does not rub off.

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