Baseball Bat Glare LED Flashlight


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1. Material: aluminum alloy, UCL lens
2. Model: TG-S137
3. Lamp bead model: XML-T6
4. Working gear: 3 gears (strong light, weak light, flashing)
5. Power source: AA battery x 3/4 (not included)
6. Light source form: LED
7. Voltage: 1.5V
8. Power: 10W
9. Weight: 236/286/312/393 g
10. Note: The shipment does not include batteries and chargers

1. The long irradiation distance of the flashlight can be as high as 250 meters or more
2. The combination of a stick and a flashlight is both a flashlight and a security device
3. As the main material of the lamp body, aluminum alloy material has strong compression resistance, anti-scratch, anti-corrosion, and comfortable hand feeling
4. Rubber waterproof switch
5. Anti-slip thread, increase friction and not let go

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