Garett GPS Junior 2 Smartwatch


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Smartwatch Garett GPS Junior 2

Multifunctional smartwatch for kids with color touchscreen, built-in camera, LED flashlight and a lot of other interesting accessories and application. Like every watch for kids with GPS, this model also provides an ability to accurately locate the watch wearer thanks to those 3 technologies: GPS + LBS + WiFi. Garett Junior 2 is also a kids' smartwatch with phone function, which supports SIM cards of all operators. It allows you to take care of your child remotely, thanks to such functions as: GEO-fence, voice monitoring or SOS button. The app for parents is free and does not require a subscription.


Map out a safe area for your child and you will be notified whenever they try to step outside it. Convenience, monitoring and safety – this is what a kids' GPS smartwatch provides.

Making and receiving calls

A phone watch for kids has many advantages. It's always out, it's hard to lose and it ensures parents can stay connected with their child. The model accepts SIM cards of all operators and it has a built-in speaker/microphone.

The SIM card must support a 2G network. Cards offered by carriers as "Internet Cards" may not work on your device due to lack of 2G support.

Built-in GPS module

A kids' GPS watch means the ability to check where your child is at any time. It is an extremely valuable remote monitoring tool!

GPS, LBS and Wi-Fi tracking

The three combined technologies make the kids' GPS smartwatch a totally professional tool, ensuring complete and effective parental care.

Voice messaging

Text messages that are spoken instead of written? This is it! A phone watch for kids gives you the possibility to send 15-second voice messages.


A picture is worth a thousand words. This is why a kids' smartwatch with camera is a great way to facilitate communication, as the child can send a picture to the parent's phone.

SOS button

A kids' smartwatch with phone does not only mean the possibility to make calls. With this function, the child can call for help in an instant, alerting up to 3 phone numbers at the same time.

Voice monitoring

You can discreetly listen to the background sounds around your child to make sure everything is all right. This is one of the parental control features offered by a kids' smartwatch with SIM card.

IP54 water resistant

Each kids' smartwatch in our range meets this basic criterion so that accidental splashing does not damage it.

Colour touchscreen

The best smartwatch for kids? It is the one that combines the child's needs with the parent's expectations. This is why convenient use and attractive design are also important.

Pedometer and sleep monitor

If you want to take care of your child's proper development, physical activity and healthy sleep, you now have the valuable tools offered by this kids' smartwatch.

Interchangeable straps

A damaged strap will not render the kids' smartwatch useless. The wide range of easy-to-replace straps means a good prognosis for the longevity of the device.

Free app

There are no fees for downloading the app or using it. And it is worth noting that not all kids' smartwatches offer this.

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