Laser Range Finder 600m


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1. 5-600m (656 yards) measuring range
Ensures you would never be out of range of the target, which is the device that golfers use to determine the distance to fixed points such as to the flag, green or a hazard.
2. Adjustable eyepiece
By adjusting the focusing dioptre within a range (-5/+5), people with far sighted vision can use laser rangefinder without glasses
3. Maximum accuracy
6X magnification within 1 yard to eliminate unnecessary guesswork of the distances.
4. Practical lanyard
Prevents falling off during measurements, easy to carry and convenient to record.
5. Wide applications
Besides golfing, you can also use it in camping, hunting and even in construction.

1. Laser type: 905nm
2. Measuring range of speed: 0 - 300km/h
3. Magnification: 6X
4. Eye piece size: 16mm
5. Exit pupil size: 3.8mm
6. Range measurement precision: average +/- 1m
7. Speed measurement precision: +/- 5km/h
8. Operating temperature: - 10 - 40 Deg.C
9. Waterproof: IP54
10. Battery: 2 x AAA batteries (not included), 1.5V, alkaline, 0.75Wh

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