KingFast F6, M.2 Sata Drive - Read 550, Write 450 MB/s


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NGFF/M.2 SATAIII 6.0Gb/s TLC 240GB Solid State Drive 

KingFast NGFF SSD (M.2, Solid State Drive) is a high performance and high reliability storage device based on NAND Flash technology that designed to solve the bottleneck of computing system by traditional hard disk drives. NGFF (M.2) SSD can be plugged into a standard NGFF connector commonly found in Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, IT-STB, industrial PCs and thin client systems, compatible with Windows, MAC, Linux and else OS. With a high performance and low power consumption.


Name M.2 SSD
Size 240GB/480GB/960GB
Model F6M.2 (NGFF 2280)
Interface M.2/NGFF
read/write 550/450MB/s
Size 22*80*3.5mm
Input Voltage 3.3V+5%
Power Consumption 2W
M.T.B.F >2000000 hours

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