K16 Laptop Cooling Pad 320x245x24 mm


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Type:Laptop Radiator
1. Material: tempered plastic
2. Applicable models: notebook
3. Cooling method: fan
4. Product size: 320x245x24 mm
5. Fan size: 140x140x20 mm
6. Product weight: 0.32 kg
7. Adopt toughened plastic, which is light and resistant to pressure and drop
8. The drawing process has texture
9. Ergonomic double-angle adjustment, carefully care for your cervical spine
10. Removable design, easy to clean the dirt on the fan, keep the radiator neat and beautiful
11. Equipped with a powerful core motor to ensure heat dissipation while maintaining a strong mute effect
12. Double anti-skid design, anti-skid baffle on the front and anti-skid foot pads on the back to prevent Aiben from sliding down

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