Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Dual Vibration For PS4


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1. Ergonomics, the analog joystick is sensitive and stable, with almost no input lag and drift. At the same time, the controller is integrated with the accelerometer and gyroscope, which are very sensitive, which brings a more accurate and interesting gaming experience.
2. This handle is suitable for PS4 console, compatible with PC (Win7/8/10)/Android phones, you can use the game handle to enjoy most games on multiple platforms
3. With the dual shock response of manual vibration, feel every impact, collision and explosion. The 6-axis highly sensitive motion control system can detect every movement, character and tilt, and the game object will move and respond when you press and shake the controller.
4. With a touch panel light bar design, it can more intuitively reflect the state of the handle itself.
5. Advanced technology design provides a speaker for game players. Certain voice commands in the game will be sent through the speaker, which will not affect the music and sound effects of the game itself.
6. Just press the "share" button, you can upload screenshots or videos
7. Size: 15.5 x 11x 8.6CM
8. Weight: 0.2kg

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