SHUNWEI SD-1939D 120W QC3.0 Car 3 in 1 Dual USB Charger Cigarette Lighter


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1. Insert the cigarette lighter plug into the cigarette lighter socket. At this time, the indicator light of the plug is on, indicating that it is working normally. If the indicator light does not light up, check whether the circuit is short-circuited or the fuse is blown
2. LED lighting design, add new highlights to your car
3. This product is a two-hole one-to-three cigarette lighter socket, with a total output power of 120W; the total output current of USB is 3A, which can charge an IPAD and a mobile phone at the same time
4. This product is suitable for the voltage of various car models, the applicable voltage is 12V and 24V
5. Parameters:
Size: 120*51*36mm
Material: ABS PC
Applicable voltage: DC12V/24V
Total output power: 120W
USB total output current: QC3.0 intelligent shunt
Heat resistance temperature: 90 degrees Celsius

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