MROBO A10 Professional Voice Recorder HD Noise Reduction Student MP3 Color Screen Player, Capacity: 16 GB


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1. Recording format: WAV, MP3
2. Recording time: 20000 (minutes)
3. Video: Does not support video shooting
4. Product size: 100x21x8MM
5. Material: aluminum titanium alloy + back clip design
6. Using three-microphone dynamic noise reduction technology, the recording distance can be increased to 100 meters (specific environment test), high-definition recording Chinese display, to meet your work needs
7. DSP acoustic noise reduction, Intel high-speed flash memory chip, save recording files quickly
8. Digital encryption makes recording files more secure
9. Intelligent voice control, you can set the recording time and start recording intelligently
10. Other functions: support multi-music format playback/record while charging/monitor recording/save when power off/delete files
11. Packing list: earphone, data cable, manual

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