Hoco Z26 High Praise Dual Port Car Charger With Display 5V/2.1A Black

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Z26 High praise dual USB port car charger with digital display total output DC5V 2.1A 10.5W aluminum alloy shell with multiple circuit protection

1. Input: DC12-24V.
2. Output: USB total output DC5V / 2.1A / 10.5W. Single USB output: DC5V / 2.1A Max.
3. Flame-retardant PC material + aluminum alloy housing, durable.
4. Dual USB output and equipped with a red font display, can focus on the car battery voltage data and car charger output voltage / current data.
5. Multiple circuit protection, compatible with more than 99% USB charging digital devices.
6. Size: 7.0*3.7*2.7cm, weight: 24g.