LED Mirror Bulb Lamp


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1. Rated voltage: DC 5V
2. Color temperature: natural white
3. Power supply mode: USB
4. CRI: 70+
5. Material: PC + heat-dissipating aluminum substrate
6. Size: bulb is about 4x4.8 cm/piece, the distance between the two lamps is about 33 cm (adjustable), the total length of the line is about 4.6m
7. Weight: about 80.3 grams for 2 bulbs, about 147.9 grams for 6 bulbs, about 210.9 grams for 10 bulbs, and about 274.3 grams for 14 bulbs

1. Touch switch, smart touch, long press stepless dimming
2. Use soft light energy-saving LED wick, no flicker, protect the eyes, high color rendering, moderate color temperature
3. Two installation methods, suction cup/adhesive installation, simple and convenient
4. Hidden winding at the bottom, adjustable wire length, beautiful installation
5. Select 2835 high-brightness optical LED chip, low light decay, high brightness, uniform light, durable
6. USB power supply, universal and convenient

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