Multifunctional Aluminum Alloy Portable Stand


Color: Pink
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  • 1. The golden 30° angle comfortable angle is free of debugging and simulated ergonomic angle. Over 1,000 people have found that the 30° bevel angle is a super comfortable angle in daily office. A good angle is enough, no need to adjust.
  • 2. Pyramid triangle structure design, the support is stable, no shaking when typing, strong support, no tipping, non-slip silicone damping firmly lock the support frame, the support frame will not fall
  • 3. Mobile phone/tablet/notebook universal application, wide range, unrestricted application, unrestricted, support for -12-17 inch laptop, mobile phone/tablet/notebook can be used
  • 4. Flexible adjustment, unconstrained based on ergonomic design
  • 5. The intimate non-slip silicone design of the laptop desk frame has soft silicone on the contact surface to prevent the computer from wearing. The non-slip silicone at the bottom increases friction and prevents the notebook from moving during use

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