Nokia 2720 2.8 Inch 4G


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  • Classic Flip - With simple to use features, such as big buttons and text, the 2720 Flip is familiar and reliable
  • Built to Last - Excellent durability and a timeless design, whilst compact enough to fit in a pocket or a purse
  • Google Assistant Button - With a push of a button, your Google Assistant can help manage the most popular phone features with just your voice
  • Emergency Button - Pressing the emergency button sends an emergency text message, including your current location, and calls five emergency contacts in your address book
  • Apps and 4G - Preloaded essential apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp, plus 4G and Internet sharing capabilities
  • Note: Please bear in mind if the battery is completely drained, it might take up to 2 or 3 minutes to start charging
  • During extended operation, the device may feel warm or slow down. In most cases, this is normal. To avoid getting too warm, the device may automatically slow down, dim display during a video call, close apps, switch off charging, and if necessary, switch itself off

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