Laser Pointer PP-1000


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1. Pointer uses standard USB port and works with IBM PC keyboard or mouse can be used while using Pointer.
2. Pointer is equipped with high quality laser pointer.
3. Make your presentation flow continuously, and you do not need to make unneccessary trips back and forth or require a personal assisstance.
4. The remote controller allows you to remotely move POWERPOINT frames forward or backward.
5. Pointer use RF signal to control POWERPOINT frame. Effective operating range: RF Transmission is 20 meters and laser distance is less than 800 meters.

Installation And Usage
1. Plug the receiver into USB port.
2. Then the LED indicator will start to blink.
3. Push either the Page down or page up button for 1-2 seconds. The LED indicator will turn off.
4. Begin your power point presentation.
5. Very useful gadget for my everyday jobs.

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