Portable Mini Printer


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1. High-definition mini, inkless printing, Bluetooth connection, long-lasting battery life
2. Long service life and good printing quality
3. Instant shooting, instant search, instant printing
4. Print wrong notes to save time
5. Print photos as you wish to record the growth of children
6. Office notes, compatible with Word documents, work plans, and memo lists can all be done easily
7. Printing method: thermal / inkless black and white printing
8. Printing parameters: 200DPI
9. Support languages: Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Greek, Russian
10. Printing format: 57X25mm
11. Charging interface: 5V Micro USB interface
12. Print media: thermal paper
13. Battery capacity: 1000mah
14. Purpose: wrong question printer, picture, text, barcode, etc. printing
15. Connection method: Bluetooth wireless, inkless black and white printing
16. Size: 80x80x35mm
17. Weight: 170g printer, about 15g paper per roll

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