PULUZ 40cm Foldable LED Ring Light Studio Box


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1. Photo light box: 40 x 40cm 3 color (white light, soft light, warm light) 10-level (1 percent - 100 percent) adjustable studio photo light box, the brightness is times of ordinary light boxes, no strobe and flashing. Apply to professional photographer to take high quality photos. The light diffuser given away makes photos softer.
2. Professional light: Built-in 144 LED 25lm 2835 lamp beads, CRI greater than or equal 90, 3200-6500k color temperature to meet all your needs for photos in different situations. Professional particulate silver film reflective fabric inside diffuses light evenly and avoid vignette.
3. Portable and foldable: Still troubled by the huge photographic equipment? Our photography light box solves all your problems. Handle design can easily set up and carry, installation can be completed within seconds without extra tools. It is foldable, you can carry it anywhere.
4. Multi-angle photography:The light tent allows flexible shooting angle, you can choose any angle for shooting (Front full window, top window).
5. Power supply: 5V USB interface, can be connected to a wall plug, power bank or computer (Note: USB power output voltage exceeding 5V is not supported, such as fast charging/fast charging)
6. Soft light cloth: With a soft light cloth, suitable for products with the props of highly reflecting light and easily showing the contours
7. Multi-color backdrops: With 6 removable different color backdrops paper, it is double-side different color, total 12 colors will be sent out together with the photo studio light box.

1. Main material: Oxford cloth, aluminum film, PVC, ABS, PE
2. Number of lamp beads: 144pcs
3. Lamp bead model: 2835
4. Lamp bead brightness: 25lm
5. Dimming range: 3200k-6500k
6. Dimming gear: 10 modes
7. CRI: Greater than or equal 90
8. Voltage: 5V
9. Power consumption: 0.4-11W
10. Ring light board size: 30cm
11. Shed size: 40cm

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