TG-TD113 Headlight Lamp


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1. Lamp beads: 1T6 x 2XPE x 1COB lamp beads, strong long-range shooting ability, wide irradiation range, long battery life
2. Angle adjustment
3. High precision polishing technology, flood light
4. Middle switch: rubber waterproof switch, soft material touch to change the lighting mode
5. Flexible lamp belt design, can adjust the appropriate size according to the size of the head
6. Red warning: the back of the battery compartment is designed with a red LED warning light, which is safer when going out
7. USB interface with power display: the rear charging hole, connect the power supply to intelligently and quickly charge, and extend battery life. Adopt MICRO-USB charging method (charging power: 5V/1A)
8. Rear battery compartment: The rear rechargeable battery compartment is designed to install 1 or 2 18650 batteries, both of which can be used. (With charge and discharge protection)

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