Wireless Laser Pointer INPHIC PL2


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1. Ergonomic design, comfortable grip, suitable for the curved design of the fingers, not tired for a long time
2. One-click window switching, long press the hyperlink button to switch windows, release the button to display the currently selected window
3. Open hyperlinks with one click
4. High-brightness laser, it will turn on when pressed
5. Smart reminder for low battery
6. Integrated design, USB magnetically attracted to the bottom of the page turning pen, portable and anti-lost plug and play
7. One pen to control two screens
8. Silicone buttons, sensitive and silent

Product parameters:
1. Material: Plastic
2. Battery capacity: 500mah
3. Remote control method: radio frequency design
4. Transmission frequency: 2.4GHz
5. Remote control distance: 100 meters
6. Battery: 1 AAA battery (you need to bring your own)
7. Working voltage: 3.7v
8. Working current: 4mA
9. Laser wavelength: 650nm red light
10. Laser: Class 3R laser (red light)
11. Weight: 26g
12. Size: 140x20x17mm

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