Forcell Car holder - OVAL for air-vent


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The Forcell Oval car holder is a practical accessory that will allow you to comfortably and safely use a smartphone while driving. Extendable clamps with wide spacing and installation to the air vent enable adjustment to individual needs.

Solid support
Thanks to the Forcell holder, you will always have your phone close at hand during the ride. Its arms with the release button let you put the device in or out. The durable oval construction enables mounting the device vertically—charging and headphone inputs will remain uncovered so you can use them comfortably the whole way through. Strong clamps will keep the smartphone in a stable position even during dynamic driving, and the soft foam protects your device from scratches.

A good fit
Various adjustment options make it easy to adapt the holder to your own needs. It will prove helpful when sharing one car with several drivers. The arms spacing is so broad (40–100 mm) that you can easily attach smartphones or navigations of various sizes to it. The bottom legs will prevent the device from accidentally slipping. Follow the navigation, scroll notifications, or switch songs on the screen in total safety for both yourself and the passengers.

Easy mounting
Made of a high-quality plastic holder is mounted to the air vent, minimizing problems with visibility and thus increasing safety while driving. A solid clamping guarantees that the device will stay in place and not be damaged even on very bumpy roads.

Color: Black
Installation: Air vent
Arm spacing: 40–100 mm

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