Motherboard problem may be related to may tiny componets soldered to the board. List of problems is endless but for us its all same so to make it easy for our customers we decided to introduce flat rate on motherboard repair. So no matter what problem your board have we can fix for fixed price. Here is list of most common motherboard issue:
  • Power Problem - this can be related to shorted board or main power menagment unit.
  • Charging issue - phone is not taking charge, only works with one side of charging cable or loosing power to quick
  • Audio issue - no ringtones, no microphone or loud speaker working, Sometimes phone stuck on headphones mode
  • WIFI/Bluetooth issue - both or one option is not working or is greyed out
  • Camera issue - phone cameras are not turning on or taking charge. Sometimes flashlight is not turning on as well
  • GPS/accelerator issue - phone is not showing correct location or not changing screen orientation
  • Network/no sim issue - phone shows No Service or No sim or searching
  • iTunes error - number of errors are hardware related and can be fixed by repairing motherboard - error 4006, 4005, 14, 56, 9, 4014 etc


 If you not familiar with most common motherboard problem please see our Motherboard Repair Program page to learn more about.
Each repair comes with 90 days warranty.
Not sure what option is best for you? Get in touch with us and we will do our best to help to find right variant for you.