3-9X40 SCOPE


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A good magnified scope can be the difference between your shots getting on target, or missing completely.

This scope features an aluminium external construction for durablity, with decent quality glass to ensure a clear image, and best of all, adjustable zoom. You can set it anywhere from 3x up to 9x - dial in and get your BB's exactly where you want them.

For most practical uses, we recommend 4x zoom - this shows you where your BB is landing, and you can most effectively adjust your aim to nail your target. However the larger zoom ranges allow you to work more effectively as a spotter, and radio to your team to let them know the positions of the OpFor.

This set includes high mounting rings, giving enough clearance for the 40mm lens, and allowing for a more comfortable cheek weld. You also get a removable sunshade, which extends the look of the scope. For shorter rifles, you can remove this to keep the scope in proportion to your replica.

Optics Specification
Type Scope
Magnification 3-9x
Adjustment Windage & Elevation

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