Swiss Arms Bipod: Foldable ABS


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Bipods are a long-favoured attachment for your rifle to help give you a more stable shot; typically speaking they have foldable & extendable legs, allowing for a quick deploy and universal application. Keeping the rifle still removes one more variable from shooting, generally increasing your accuracy.

This particular bipod is manufactured by Swiss Arms for Cybergun, and is a foldable bipod. It is entirely ABS plastic, which keeps it lightweight and cost-effective. It attaches by RIS rail (20mm), and simply bolts in place. Most people mount it so that the legs fold forwards out of the way. This is done to prevent the legs from accidentally folding whilst aiming/shooting. As this is a budget model, please note that the legs are solid i.e. non-extendable. It only has two options; folded or deployed.

The feet of the bipod have thick rubber shoes, giving plenty of grip further reducing instances of the gun unexpectedly moving about on you.

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