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Chronographs in airsoft are used to measure the speed and power of airsoft guns; they use light gates to calculate the time taken to cover a known distance (after you tell it the weight of the ammo you're using). They're also able to measure Rate of Fire, and are an absolute must if you're into teching/tuning your guns.

Manufactured by Specna Arms, this Chronograph seeks to redefine the industry norms. Constructed out of durable plastic, it is lightweight and easy to transport. Thanks to its included tripod, it is fast to deploy, and easy to use. It has an internal 400mAh battery (rechargeable via micro USB), and with its auto power off setting being fully adjustable, you can be sure it will last! 

Perhaps the best feature of this device is its integrated bluetooth, allowing you to use it with a companion mobile app. This allows you to quickly tweak and adjust the settings, rather than fumbling with the traditional interface

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